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Yangtze River boundless, Jinyun Canglian, according to the mountains look at the water, the palace of art。

Sichuan Fine Arts Institute is the only fine arts institution of higher learning in Southwest China. It is rooted in Chongqing, a municipality directly under the central Government, and located at the foot of Jinyun Mountain and the bank of the Yangtze River. It is the cradle of training high-level fine arts talents and an important town for promoting high-level art research in China。

Sichuan Fine Arts Institute can be traced back to two veins,One is Sichuan Provincial Art Academy founded in Chengdu in 1940 by returned art educators such as Li Youxing, Shen Fuwen, Pang Xunqin, Lei Guiyuan, etc,后更名成都艺术专科学校;另一脉是1949年12月由贺龙元帅任校长的西北军政大学艺术学院部分骨干南下,Southwest People's Art College is established in Huangjueping, Jiulongpo District, Chongqing。In 1953, the arts and design disciplines of the two schools were merged to establish Southwest Art Junior College, which established the glorious revolutionary tradition and profound artistic tradition of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute。In 1959, Southwest Academy of Fine Arts was renamed Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, which enrolled 4-year undergraduate students and became one of the five national fine arts academies at that time。In 1981, the university became one of the first national institutions to grant master's and bachelor's degrees。In 2021, the university was approved as a doctor's degree-granting unit, opening a new chapter in its school-running history。

For eighty-two years,Generations of Chuan Mei always keep pace with The Times,Rooted in profound cultural traditions,Ceaseless red blood,Grasp the pulse of The Times,Focus on social needs,Adhere to the socialist direction of running schools,The fundamental task of establishing people around Lide,It is characterized by "talents and works",Adhere to "aim at the Tao,Swim in art "school motto spirit,The construction of "art, design as the two core,Art, humanities, film and television animation for the two wings,With environmental art and art education as two points of growth",It is committed to training leading talents and senior professionals in the field of art for the Party and the country。

The university has two master's and doctoral programs in the first-level disciplines of Fine Arts and design, two master's degree programs in the first-level disciplines of art theory, drama and film and television, and two professional master's degree programs in art and landscape architecture。在全国第四轮学科评估中美术学获评A-、设计学获评B+;美术学、设计学获批重庆市一流学科;美术学、设计学、戏剧与影视学、艺术学理论、风景园林获批重庆市重点学科,实现了省级重点学科100%覆盖。The university has 25 undergraduate programs, including 18 national first-class programs and 24 municipal first-class programs。The university now has 11 secondary schools: School of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Art, School of Plastic Arts, School of Art and Humanities, School of Art Education, School of Design (International School of Intelligent Design), School of Experimental Art, School of Architecture and Environmental Art, School of Film and Television Animation, School of Public Art, School of Marxism, and School of General Studies,The university has about 8000 students with master's and doctoral degrees。

The university attaches great importance to personnel training and has made fruitful achievements in the fields of education, teaching, practice and innovation, training of outstanding artistic talents and construction of new liberal arts。It was awarded the first national teaching achievement prize of art higher education in China,It has a national teaching team, a national experimental teaching demonstration center, and a national experimental area for the reform of talent training mode,National animation industry base, national off-campus practice base for college students,As well as provincial quality education teaching and academic research platform several,It has been approved as "National Demonstration University for Deepening Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Reform", "National Typical Experience University for Innovation and Entrepreneurship" and "National Practice Base for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education".。During the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, the university has approved 4 provincial and ministerial planning textbooks, 4 national first-class undergraduate courses, 1 second prize of national Higher Education Teaching Achievement Award, 1 national curriculum ideological and political construction project and 1 teaching team。In 2021, the University was approved as a high-level university of New Liberal Arts Construction in Chongqing. It has approved two Chongqing Demonstration Modern Industrial Colleges of New Liberal Arts and three new Liberal arts research and reform practice projects of the Ministry of Education。

The university actively participates in major and key creative and scientific research projects that are urgently needed by the Party and the country and boost regional economic and social development, constantly building a plateau and peak of creative and scientific research in Sichuan and the United States。It has built several provincial-level scientific research platforms, such as Chongqing University Humanities and Social Sciences Research Base, Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center, and additional research platforms, such as major theme art creation research Center, design Innovation Research Center, Art and Rural Research Institute and Dazu Art Research Institute。In the past five years, the university has undertaken 40 art projects funded by the National Social Science Fund, Humanities and Social Science projects funded by the Ministry of Education and the National Art Fund, 17 humanities and social science projects funded by the Ministry of Education, and 221 provincial scientific research projects。承担庆祝新中国成立70周年和庆祝建党100周年重大主题创作9件;师生参加近两届全国美展获得金奖2项、银奖4项、铜奖19项。

Guided by social needs, the university has taken the initiative to align national and local development strategies, and deeply participated in the major construction of rural revitalization, One Belt, One Road, Western Development, Chengdu-Chongqing Twin City Economic Circle, etc。The school undertook the 13th National Art Exhibition, oil painting Exhibition and sculpture exhibition,Undertook the important tasks of celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China Chongqing float design and "Forging ahead New Era" theme achievement exhibition Chongqing unit display,We will effectively link poverty alleviation with rural revitalization,It has played an active role in the major strategies of urban renewal and rural revitalization。

The school has established cooperative relations with dozens of famous art colleges and universities in Britain, France, Germany, Italy, South Korea, Singapore, the United States and other countries, actively promoting teacher-student exchange and art education exchanges and cooperation。

At present, the university has 829 staff members, including 615 full-time teachers, 76 professors, 178 associate professors and 151 full-time teachers with doctoral degrees。Among teachers,It has gathered the national special support plan for high-level talents and the Huang Danian teachers team of national colleges and universities,National curriculum ideological and political teaching team,National young and middle-aged literary workers with both virtue and art,National excellent teacher,National cultural masters and "four batch" talents and propaganda ideological and cultural young talents,National candidate for the ten Million Talents Project,Young and middle-aged experts with outstanding national contributions,Expert on special government allowance of The State Council,Vice Chairman of China Artists Association,Vice Chairman of Chinese Oil Painting Society,The vice president of China Sculpture Society and other national outstanding team and talents。

The school now has Huangjueping Campus with urban gardens, Huxi campus with poetic countryside and Yuelai Campus under construction with a total area of 1350 mu。In addition to complete education and teaching infrastructure, the school also has 3.The domestic first-class art museum of 20,000 square meters, the artist studio of Huxi Commune of 60,000 square meters, and the two artistic creation communities of Tankku and Chongqing Contemporary Art Center, 1.60,000 square meters of national experimental teaching demonstration center, 1.50,000 square meters of Southwest China's largest art library and 1.20,000 square meters of college students cultural creative micro enterprise park。

学校深入贯彻习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想,贯彻落实党的教育方针和文艺创作方针,坚持和加强党对学校的全面领导,加强和改进学校党的建设,扎根中国大地办好中国特色社会主义大学。The school strictly implements the principal responsibility system under the leadership of the Party Committee,We should uphold the direction, cadres, personnel, and ideology of the Party in running schools,Leading reform and development,The Party's leadership is implemented in all aspects of the whole process of running and managing schools,确保党中央决策部署得到贯彻落实;坚持全面从严治党,To the party's political construction as the leading,把政治标准和政治要求贯穿党的思想建设、组织建设、作风建设、纪律建设以及制度建设、反腐败斗争始终;坚持学校党的建设与人才培养、科学研究、社会服务、文化传承创新、国际十大正规买球平台(2023更新十大排行)等深度融合,为学校改革发展稳定、完成党和国家重大战略任务提供思想保证、政治保证、组织保证;坚持加强和改进思想政治工作,Create a "ideological and political + art" brand,Vigorously carry out theme creation。The school Party Committee was awarded as the advanced primary Party Organization of Chongqing Education system and the model school of Party construction。

The 14th Five-Year Plan period,The university is committed to building a sound training system for higher art talents,Comprehensively improve the comprehensive strength of personnel training, creative research, social services, cultural inheritance and innovation, and the development of education internationalization,为建设国内一流、国际知名的高等美术院校进一步夯基固本;到2035年,Bring together the country's top art masters and experts and scholars,Continue to supply leading talents and senior professionals in the field of art to the country,To construct a higher art education system with Chinese characteristics and a modern university governance system,基本建成国内一流、国际知名的高等美术院校;到2050年,To realize the goal of building into a domestic first-class and internationally renowned higher art institution。