Discipline construction
Discipline characteristics

Theory of Art (1301)

The theoretical discipline of art science adheres to the contemporary nature and expands the historical depth at the same time, adheres to the regional nature and forms an international vision at the same time, and adheres to the practical nature to keep close contact with and on-site participation in contemporary art creation。Its development is guided by the cultural frontier of the country, based on Chongqing region, southwest region and China's national conditions, and goes deep into life to serve the people. At the same time, it emphasizes the internal norms of the discipline, and builds a local, original art theory and academic system highlighting the literary and artistic spirit of the new era。The overall development goal of the art theory discipline is to condense the discipline direction, promote the integration of disciplines, build high-level teaching and research teams, deepen the talent training mode, strengthen international academic exchanges, and build the art theory into a first-class discipline with distinctive characteristics in China。

Drama and Film Science (1303)

Relying on the discipline advantages of fine arts and design, taking "Exploration of the integration of artistic creativity and science and technology in the age of digital media" as the main line, centering on the development and demand of creative economy in Southwest China, it promotes the integration of art and science and technology to expand the discipline connotation。Through the integration of production, university and research to promote teaching of "subject project, experimental actual combat and productization of works", the social responsibility of the discipline is fulfilled by "technological research to promote innovation, experimental actual combat with research, application transformation to promote industry, originality to carry on the inheritance"。

Fine Arts (1304)

Fine arts has not only created a large number of new China's realistic art classics, but also adhere to the development of multiple in-depth disciplines, continue to contribute to the development of Chinese contemporary art classic examples, and continue to introduce a very representative group of artists。Along with history, this discipline has deeply influenced the development process of Chinese culture with the penetrating power of artistic thought. It insists on creating and expressing Chinese experience with keen aesthetic insight and unique forms, and launches the Chinese School。This discipline will continue to lead the continuous innovation of Chinese art education with its historical height and unique educational concept。

Design Science (1305)

The discipline of design adheres to the guiding, practical and innovative nature of design,Serve the social and economic needs of Chongqing and the west,We will focus on cultural inheritance and innovation in the western region, economic transformation and industrial upgrading in metropolises, balanced urban-rural development in large rural areas, and heavy defense equipment manufacturing in the rear area,Hinterland wisdom,Construction of sustainable design research and innovation system under Chinese original discourse,Continue to build distinctive features, internationally renowned, domestic first-class, service west,A discipline of design that cultivates outstanding talents。