Important news of Sichuan beauty
The program "New Year Painting New Year" produced by teachers and students of our school was broadcast on CCTV17 on the first day of Chinese New Year
Published: 13:54 Jan 24, 2023 Author: Bai Xianglin Source: College of Design    浏览:

January 22, 2023 (Chinese New Year's Day) 20:15,The "Rabbit King Competition" of the Spring Festival special program "Year of Painting - Jade Rabbit and Blessing" jointly created by the Agriculture and Rural Program Center of China Media Group and the new space team of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute and Aerospace Cultural Innovation Center (CASCI),It is broadcast on CCTV-17 Agriculture and Rural Channel。

The show revolves around two animated characters, "Flying Moon Treasure Rabbit" created by Sichuan Fine Arts Institute and "jade Rabbit" created by the new team in space of Aerospace Cultural Innovation Center (CASCI)。Qiu Xia, Yang Chengying, He Yuanyuan, School of Film and Animation, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute,Hu Yongpan, Yan Li, Zhou Ziyu, Wang Nan, Zhan Xue, Li Boyang and other teachers and students from the School of Design participated in the production of the program,Responsible for the image design, New Year picture creation, animation short film production, co-signed memes and poster design, documentary shooting and other work related to "Flying Moon Treasure Rabbit"。

The image of "Flying Moon Treasure Rabbit" is an aerospace cultural and creative IP created by the aerospace design team of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute. It is created by teacher Qiu Xia from the School of Film and Television Animation. It integrates aerospace culture, Dunhuang culture, Jade rabbit culture and other cultural elements, and contains rich derivative content and profound cultural heritage。

On January 20, the public account of "CCTV, Agriculture and Rural Areas" released the "Year of Painting - Jade Rabbit Blessing" program "Flying moon treasure rabbit" co-branded memes and posters, to add more happiness and peace for the Spring Festival of the Year of the Rabbit, to bring happiness and blessing to the masses。