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Tang Qingyang, a member of the Municipal information group and secretary of the Party Committee of the university, preached the Party's 20 spirit to Party cadres, teachers and students
Published Time: January 06, 2023 16:12 Author: Wang Shichen Source: Party Committee Propaganda Department, Network Work Department    浏览:

In the morning of January 6, the school held the Party Committee theory learning center group (expand) concentrated learning and the Party's 20 spirit special lecture, Chongqing Municipal Party Committee propaganda group members, the school Party secretary, the school in-depth study and implementation of the Party's 20 spirit campus propaganda team captain Tang Qingyang to make a special lecture report。The information session adopts a combination of online and offline mode, with offline main venue and video conference sub-venue。学校领导班子成员和全体中层干部在主会场参加了宣讲会;机关党委全体党员、建筑与环境艺术学院全体教职工和学校“青马工程.More than 260 students of Elite League School "backbone training class for college students listened to and watched the presentation report through online video conference。Pang Maokun, deputy Party secretary and principal of the school, presided over the lecture。

Presentation meeting,Tang Qingyang closely followed the Party's twenty report text,Focus on the theme of the Party's 20 National Congress, the main achievements and the characteristics of the report,The work of the past five years and the great changes of the new decade,The Sinicization of Marxism with The Times,The Chinese characteristics, essential requirements and major principles of Chinese modernization,A systematic plan for comprehensively building a modern socialist country,Upholding the new situation and requirements of the Party's overall leadership and comprehensive and strict self-governance,Carry forward the spirit of struggle and deal with risks and challenges,A comprehensive, systematic and in-depth interpretation of the Party's 20 great spirits。The guidance report is simple, vivid and profound, with both theoretical height and practical depth. It is helpful for Party cadres, teachers and students of the university to deeply understand the core meaning, rich connotation and practical requirements of the Party's 20 spirit, and has important guiding significance for the whole school to further study and implement the Party's 20 spirit。Tang Qingyang also put forward expectations and requirements for the school to continuously study and publicize the Party's twenty Great spirits。

Pang Maokun, while presiding over the lecture, stressed that in-depth study, publicity and implementation of the Party's 20 spirit is the primary political task of the school at present and in the future。We should take this information conference as an opportunity to continue to put the study, publicity and implementation of the Party's 20 National spirits on the agenda, and guide people to consciously unify their thoughts and actions with the Party's 20 National Spirits。It is necessary to insist that Party members and cadres take the lead, strengthen organizational leadership, strengthen systematic learning, do a good job in overall planning and combination, effectively transform the learning results into the actual effect of promoting the high quality and conformal development of the school, strive to build a domestic first-class and internationally renowned high-level fine arts school, and effectively promote the Party's twenty spirit to take root in the school。

Comrades attending the meeting listened carefully and took notes,The consensus is that the publicity report has a distinct theme, rich connotation and profound system,It is political, ideological, targeted and instructive,After listening to deeply inspired,Resonate with one's thoughts,They expressed the need to further unify their thinking into the Party's 20 National Spirit,We will concentrate our efforts on the goals and tasks set at the Party's 20th National Congress,Strive to promote the high quality and connotative development of the school。

Director of the school's creative science and Research Department, Professor Wang Chaogang of the School of Plastic Arts said,Secretary Tang Qingyang's lecture and report opened the book,What impressed him was that,The presentation begins with oil painter Pang Maokun's themed oil painting "The Beginning of the World: A Great Meeting of the Communist Party of China.,It gave a vivid overview of the great history of the CPC,It profoundly expounds the great and far-reaching historical significance of the 20th National Congress of the CPC and the milestone significance of the decade in the new era。As a literary worker,We should always adhere to a people-centered approach to creation,We will continue to deepen our lives and take root among the people,Constantly enhance the original creativity of literature and art,With the brush in my hand,We will create more excellent works that better reflect the characteristics of the new era and enhance the spiritual strength of the people,To stimulate new vitality of literature and art with fine masterpieces,With the best spiritual food dedicated to society and the people,We will strive to promote the development of socialist literature and art and the prosperity of national culture。

Chen Bin, dean of School of Marxism, said that Secretary Tang Qingyang's lecture report is from a far-sighted and profound perspective。Having the guidance of Marxist scientific theory is the fundamental basis for our Party to strengthen its faith and conviction and grasp the initiative of history。College of Marxism is "the High Ground of Marxism Teaching and Research",We should give full play to our strengths in disciplines and talents,Combine theory with practice,We will earnestly and solidly study and interpret the achievements of the Party's innovations in the theory of the Party's 20 Major Spiritual principles,We will continue to bring the Party's 20 Guiding principles into classrooms, teaching materials, and minds,We will answer and explain the major theoretical and practical questions of our development,We will strengthen our confidence in history,Strengthen historical initiative。

"Under the guidance of Secretary Zhang,It was rewarding to listen to the presentation carefully.",School of Architecture and Environmental Arts teachers Party branch secretary Guo Hui said,Next, I will base on the work of teachers,Down to teach, calm down to educate people,Give full play to professional advantages,Integrate the Party's 20 Great spirit into classroom teaching and practice,With the team,We will contribute more wisdom to the revitalization of rural areas enabled by art,Add luster to the Party flag。

(线上Video conference sub-conference

"The responsibility of The Times is given to the youth, the glory of The Times also belongs to the youth", the school "Qingma project.Elite League school "students backbone training class students Wang Chunxi confidently said,As a young student,I will be in the hot youth firm ideal faith,Stick to the charging posture of tenacious struggle,Study hard scientific and cultural knowledge,Continue to unswervingly follow the Party,Integrate the ideal of life into the cause of the state and the nation,With hot youth into the great revival of the historical torrent,Write the glory of youth in the great practice of realizing the Chinese Dream!

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