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Jiusan Society branch of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute carried out Spring Festival sympathy activities
Published: January 18, 2023 20:45 Author: Tang Keqiong Source: United Front Work Department    浏览:

The Spring Festival is coming. On January 17th, the branch of Jiusan Society of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute carried out a Spring Festival sympathy activity to bring warm greetings and New Year wishes to the old members。

Tang Keqiong, deputy chairman of the Sichuan Mei Branch of Jiusan Society, carries the Spring Festival gifts, epidemic prevention health kits and fruits distributed by Jiulongpo District Committee of Jiusan Society to members over 80 years old,And the condolence money prepared by the branch,Visited 90-year-old teacher Huang Caizhi at home,To see the elderly living a healthy life under the impact of the epidemic,Everyone was genuinely happy for him。Another more than 80 years old members Liao Renqing teacher, due to physical reasons in hospital, inconvenient to visit the ward, his daughter on behalf of the condolence goods, condolence money, and tell the organization of Liao teacher greetings and blessings。