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The Party Committee of the organ held a meeting of the Party secretary of the branch to review the work of the grassroots Party building
Published: January 14, 2023 18:52 Author: Cui Changbin Source: Party Committee of the Government    浏览:

On the morning of January 11, 2023,Party committee of government organsIn the four conference room to hold an expansion of the Party Committee, listen to the secretary of each branch to grasp the grassroots party construction report, and comment。Party Committee members and Party branch secretaries attended the meeting, chaired by Jiang Junrong, deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the organ。

The presentation was carried out by a combination of on-the-spot presentation and written presentation. 7 branch secretaries were randomly selected on the spot to make the presentation, and the rest comrades made the presentation by submitting a written report。Seven comrades closely around the performance of the Party building at the grassroots level,They include studying, publicizing and implementing the Party's 20 National Spirits, playing a pioneering and exemplary role in epidemic prevention and control, implementing organizational and life systems such as the "three meetings and one lesson", and implementing the responsibility system for building a clean Party conduct and carrying out ideological work,The existing problems and the next step of the work plan and other aspects of the report。After the report,Jiang Junrong comrade on each branch secretary to grasp the party construction work for comments,It affirmed the contributions made by each branch to exert the Party's political and organizational functions around the school's central work,也分别指出各支部在基层党建的规范化、标准化以及质量上存在的一些问题;通报了“三会一课”开展检查的汇总情况、支部工作记录本检查情况、志愿服务汇总情况;就机关各支部下学期工作任务作了安排。

At the meeting, according to the unified arrangement of the school's propaganda of the twenty Great spirits, Comrade Jiang Junrong gave a propaganda of the twenty Great Spirits of the Party under the title of "Understanding of Chinese Modernization"。

After the meeting, the Party committee members of the organ assessed the 2022 Party building work of 20 Party branches of the organ Party Committee according to the Party building target management assessment index system。