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Our school won the title of "Chongqing Water-saving University"
Published: 13:11 January 13, 2023 Author: Li Keyi Source: Infrastructure Logistics Department    浏览:

Recently, Chongqing Education Commission, Chongqing Water Resources Bureau and Chongqing Government Offices Administration issued the Notice on the Announcement of the 2022 List of Water-Saving Universities in Chongqing (No. 73, Chongqing Education Construction Letter (2022)). Our university was listed and won the honorary title of "2022 Water-saving Universities in Chongqing"。

In recent years,我校为进一步贯彻习近平生态文明思想和“节水优先”的新时期治水方针,Implement the requirements of the Notice of the Ministry of Water Resources, the Ministry of Education and the National Government Offices Administration on Further Promoting the Work of Water Conservation in Colleges and Universities (Water Conservation [2019] No. 234) and the Notice of Chongqing Education Commission and Chongqing Water Resources Bureau and Chongqing Government Offices Administration on Further Improving the Construction of Water-saving Colleges and Universities (Chongqing Education Construction Letter (2020) No. 72),We will fully implement the national water-saving campaign,In-depth reform and innovation have been carried out in organizational structure, institutional construction, infrastructure and management methods,Increase investment,Strive to create water-saving colleges and universities。

The school is guided by the concept of economy,High starting point planning,In the school Huxi campus infrastructure planning and construction phase,将水生态文明建设作为校区建设的重要内容;以组织为保障,成立节水工作领导小组全面负责节水型高校建设工作;以宣传为先导,Undifferentiated push,培养学生及广大教职工珍惜水、节约水、保护水的意识;以投入为基础,High standard construction,Adhere to the quality first in the use of materials and equipment configuration,节水至上;以制度为规范,No blind corner to implement,Let the system management run through the whole process of building water-saving colleges and universities,Create a love of water, water - saving good atmosphere。

In the future, the University will thoroughly implement the Party's 20 Great spirit, give full play to its role as a model, continue to consolidate the achievements of building a water-saving university, dig deep into the potential of water-saving work, and strive to make water saving work to a new level, and write a new chapter in the development of the university cause。