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School of Plastic Arts to carry out pre-winter holiday fire safety inspection
Published: 13:02 January 13, 2023 Author: Yu Hongyan Source: College of Plastic Arts    浏览:

The winter holiday is approaching.,In order to further implement the spirit and requirements of the school's Sichuan American Office [2023] No.2 document,Ensure fire safety and stability in teaching and office areas during winter vacation,Create an atmosphere of publicity for disaster prevention and mitigation,Arouse teachers and students' high attention to disaster prevention and mitigation work,Strengthen the college fire safety management and fire prevention work,At the same time for students during the winter holiday popularization and promotion of safety education knowledge,Strengthen safety awareness。Combined with the actual work, the School of Plastic Arts carried out a series of fire safety inspection and safety knowledge education activities on January 10 and 11, 2023, and developed a targeted and operable implementation plan。

Attach great importance to the publicity of fire safety actively。College leaders held a meeting to arrange and deploy fire safety inspection before the winter holiday,Set up a fire safety leading group,Strengthen management at all levels,Fully implement fire safety responsibilities,Investigate and rectify fire safety risks and hidden dangers,切实把安全教育摆上学校议事日程;通过各级线上线下会议进行消防安全宣传,分析形势、制定消防安全紧急预案、讨论措施、布置工作;Mobilize counsellors, class teachers, workshop directors and course teachers齐力开展学生消防安全教育工作;对消防安全在内的安全问题做详细分析,And emphasized the importance of fire safety。

Strictly implement, carry out safety knowledge education and fire inspection according to the actual deployment arrangement of the college。One is to hold a winter holiday safety education theme class meeting。Carry out class meetings on safety education through online meetings,Mobilize counsellors, class teachers, workshop directors and course teachers,Use class meetings, after-class time and other ways to promote the fire safety knowledge during the winter vacation to students,Epidemic self-protection, water, electricity and gas use safety, network security (prevent telecom fraud, Internet fraud, etc.), traffic safety, food and drug safety, personal and financial safety and other safety knowledge。It is emphasized that students should check for hidden dangers in the dormitory before leaving school, check the safety of water, electricity and natural gas use, and rectify the problems of high-power supplies and disorderly storage。Comprehensively eliminate fire safety hazards in student dormitories and prevent fire accidents in student dormitories。二是Carry out fire safety hidden danger investigation and centralized rectification。The college leader will lead the relevant persons in charge to form a safety inspection team to investigate the circuit safety and fire facilities in the teaching area and office area of the college. The classrooms, offices, dormitories and other places will be taken as the focus of the inspection, and the mess in the classroom will be sorted out, the power will be cut off, and the hidden dangers will be eliminated。The hidden dangers and problems found in the inspection, the inspection team put forward corrective measures, and urge and guide the relevant responsible person to properly deal with, the safety hidden dangers to eliminate in the bud, to ensure the college fire safety, to create a "safe campus" "harmonious campus" to provide a strong security guarantee。

(Photo: Li Zhixin, Xiong Haixia, Gong Liang, Wang Donghua, Jiang Jiaming)