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Sichuan beauty hall, notice | Huang Houshi: China red design of traceability
Published: November 24, 2022 08:46 Author: Han Yi Source: Chongqing Daily    浏览:


Huang Houshi, professor and doctoral supervisor of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, the third batch of 333 Project Talents of Jiangsu Province (2011), has been serving as the young and middle-aged academic leader of Jiangsu Qinglan Project since 2012。He has published more than 40 academic papers and a number of academic monographs. He has presided over the philosophy and social science research project of higher education Department of Jiangsu Province, the general Project of Humanities and Social Sciences of Ministry of Education and the General Project of Art Science of National Social Science Foundation。

Where is the origin of Chinese red design?At 16:00 on November 24th, the third lecture of the second season of "Sichuan Beauty Lecture" co-sponsored by Sichuan Fine Arts Institute and Chongqing Daily will welcome Huang Houshi, a famous Sichuan beauty artist。He will share his observations on red design with netizens with the title "Echoes of Yan 'an: A Study on the Origins of Chinese Red Design"。

"In 2013, I presided over a project of the Ministry of Education. In the process of research, I found that the design of Yan 'an is very important, but we lack sufficient attention and in-depth research on it。Huang Houshi said that during the livestream, he would give an in-depth analysis of "Yan 'an's design philosophy and its contemporary value"。

In his opinion, Yan 'an Design is the source of Chinese red design。Its "design idea of hardship and simplicity and substitution of other things" is the spirit of Chinese red design,"The organization and talent of China Red Design" reflects the characteristics of China Red design development organization,The "interdisciplinary" design thinking mode forms the academic characteristics of Chinese red design,"Popular design thought with Chinese characteristics" highlights the ideological characteristics of Chinese red design。Thus, Yan 'an Design has completely formed the overall appearance of Chinese red design, becoming an important spiritual wealth of modern Chinese design, and reconstructing the discourse system of Chinese design, and finally forming a red design culture with Chinese characteristics。

For more details, stay tuned to the live stream。

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