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Duan Shengfeng, Vice President, Professor, doctoral supervisor of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute,Gold medal winner of the Creation Award of the 11th National Art Exhibition and the First China Art Award,"Four in a batch" talent,National candidate of "Ten million Talents Project",Chongqing academic technology leader,Chongqing first virtuous and artistic worker,Model of teaching and educating in Chongqing,Member of the Design Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education,Member of Industrial Design Art Committee of China Artists Association。

"Chinese design should respond to the needs of the development of Chinese style modernization, to be the people's designer。On the afternoon of November 22, the second lecture of the second season of "Chuanmei Lecture Hall" was held jointly by Sichuan Fine Arts Institute and Chongqing Daily。Duan Shengfeng, vice president, professor and doctoral supervisor of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, walked into the broadcast room and shared the topic of "modernization and design orientation" with the vast number of netizens, which attracted about 350,000 viewers。

▲ Live broadcast。Respondent's drawing

"The economic base determines the superstructure, and the superstructure determines the design direction。In the live broadcast, Duan Shengfeng combined his own growth experience with a large number of vivid examples to deeply explain the differences between China's modernization process and that of the West。

In his opinion, cultural differences, institutional differences, resource differences, urban and rural differences, etc., determine that China's design cannot copy the western model, and needs to answer China's own proposition of The Times。

The Report of the Party's Twenty National Congress systematically expounds the five features of Chinese modernization, that is, Chinese modernization is the modernization of a huge population, the modernization of common prosperity for all the people, the modernization of harmony between material and spiritual civilization, the modernization of harmony between man and nature, and the modernization of peaceful development。

"Therefore, faced with this proposition of The Times, China's design should not only have international comparability, but also have Chinese characteristics, cultural characteristics and value characteristics。He says that design in the context of Chinese-style modernization, which emphasizes solving Chinese problems in the Chinese context, needs to focus on three aspects:

Major national strategies, namely around the major national strategies to make relevant design, such as rural revitalization, green and sustainable development, aerospace, western development, etc。

Industrial transformation and upgrading, namely around intelligent manufacturing, new energy, major equipment design。Since 2010, the value added of China's manufacturing industry has been the first in the world for 12 consecutive years, and the industrial structure is accelerating the upgrading. The value added of high-tech manufacturing industry and equipment manufacturing industry has shown double-digit growth respectively, so the design needs are huge and the prospect is broad。

The people hope for a better life, that is, the design centering on quality improvement and cultural inheritance, should pay attention to the thinking and infiltration of Chinese culture, and pay attention to the presentation of Chinese experience, Chinese materials, Chinese elements and Chinese solutions。

"The design under the background of Chinese modernization is to integrate the value concept of 'people as the center' into the whole process of design, so as to realize that social benefits and commercial benefits meet each other in the same direction and resonate with each other, thus giving birth to a large number of people's designers with 'earthy flavor', 'people's feeling' and 'China heart'。”他说。

The whole live broadcast lasted for more than an hour. Duan Shengfeng's explanation included extensive quotations, profound remarks and golden sentences. The broadcast room was very popular and attracted about 350,000 viewers in total。

"Duan has a very high opinion,This paper profoundly expounds the future development direction of design science,I learned a lot. "" Well said,It has given me a great inspiration. "" The Chuan Mei Lecture Hall has brought 'the Study of experts' into our lives,Let us be educated in art,太值得点赞了”……在直播间,Many netizens left comments。

Golden sentence sharing

● Bauhaus period design, accurate insight into the needs of The Times, with a set of new era design concepts, talent training mode and skill training, to meet the early 20th century urban population development and relatively cheap modern commodity demand。

● With the maturity of Internet technology and the emergence of new business models and even new social organizations, on the one hand, it provides new opportunities for design practice, but on the other hand, the original discipline foundation and philosophical framework of design can no longer support the rapidly expanding application field, nor can it explain the practical experience of the Chinese field。

● The development of computer and information technology, not only enriches the means of realization of product functions, but also gradually changes the mode of production and business services. Through interdisciplinary understanding and application of emerging technologies, it has become an inevitable trend in the field of design。

● The economic base determines the superstructure, and the superstructure determines the design trend。

● Take the national demand as the problem oriented, through cross collaboration to break the previous discipline model of formalized education。Any major problem needs to be completed in collaboration with multiple disciplines, which is the educational response of design disciplines to Chinese-style modernization。

The design under the background of Chinese modernization is the "people as the center" of the value concept into the whole process of the design, to achieve social benefits and commercial benefits to meet each other, resonance with the same frequency, thus giving rise to a large number of people with "soil flavor", "people's feelings" and "China heart" of the people's designers。